memories of a dreamer's past - black winds/pixyblink split cd
this place isn't my home i miss the times of old where did everything go i miss you i need you i love you i'm so sad those times are gone they flew away like feathers in the wind please come again my past isn't too far away it's still in reach never too far away my memories hopes and dreams my thoughts nostalgia and sadness the desire for happiness is gone because i have my memories the past is still in reach

love is emotional poison - lost infinite time within the void cd
you have haunted my memories since that day i can't forget or forgive you by giving me life then burning it away you're like an uncurable disease giving me pain every moment i live love is an emotional poison that is slowly killing me
dead winter days - negative memories cd
dead winter days i surround myself in the darknest nights of winter longing for it's deadly touch trees covered in ice lands frozen for eternity the cold winter's chill the dismal feeling in the air the freezing breath of death you can't fathom the magnificient beauty of winter
nostalgia - dark serenity cd
once again there is no catharsis for this nostalgic torment i can't distinguish my thoughts of you from reality remembering everything about you i become lost in time and thought i want to kill my memories of a broken past you are the heart of nostalgic torment
suffering in solitude - negative memories cd
suffering in solitude waiting for my time to come silence this feeling of loneliness won't go away finding every way not to harm myself  silence wishing for things to get better but they never do i just need to escape everything laying in dark solitude drowning in my thoughts reminiscing past lives nostalgic dreams and love are always there hoping for a meaningful future not accompanied by sorrow death is love life and silence combined
eternal winter - eternal winter cd
the cold death is everywhere lifeless bodies are frozen in the snow the temperature is unbearable darkness surrounds me the sun no longer rises the moon is my only light eternal winter
coldness and despair - obscure darkness cd
i hear you call my name so i follow and find that i'm lost in coldness and despair it's so beautiful and mysterious here i see your shadow in the distance as you fade away what is this place? i've seen it in my dreams this time it's different i can't feel your warm touch there's no way to escape this i thought i would find peace by killing myself but all i found was coldness and despair
depression never ends - obscure darkness cd
embrace the darkness within you feel the blood running down your arm destroy the pain in your heart remember what she did forget nothing destroy
dark serenity - dark serenity cd
consumed in darkness and covered in scars remembering past love as misery sinks inside my heart i find piece of mind in dark serenity
my frozen graveland part II - eternal winter cd
the cold wind blows against my face as the snow glistens in the moonlight every winter i come to my frozen graveland to enjoy the silence in all its beauty everything is lifeless here the soil and the trees are frozen trees are as frozen corpses there is a thin layer of ice on these tombstones everyone is welcome to my frozen graveland

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